Atlanta Rental Market 2015 – Historic Lows

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson

As you can see from the above chart, the number of active rental listings in Georgia has decreased dramatically in 2015.
From January 2014 through May 2014, there were 18,078. In 2015, that number has dropped to 8,973 — that’s a decrease of more than 50%! In May 2015, there were only 1,364 active listings — the lowest number since December 2008.
The above chart measures Average Days to Sell/Lease. So, although there are less than half as many active rental listings this year, the Average Days to Lease is much better. From January 2014 to May 2014, the AVG Days to Lease was 52.4. In 2015, that number has decreased to 38.4 — a decrease of almost 27% in the time it takes to procure a tenant.



The number of active rental listings are at historic lows, and (good news!) so is the time it takes to find a new tenant. If you’re looking to rent your house, now is the perfect time.
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