Landlords Threatened with Higher Costs of Ownership

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson

Gwinnett County, Georgia claims that they have a problem with too many foreclosed properties in the county that are not being maintained by their owners.  Their proposed solution is to change Gwinnett County code to create a new Property Maintenance Ordinance.  However this new ordinance will affect ALL property owners, not just the owners of properties in foreclosure.

A full copy of the ordinance is attached if you care to review it.  Whether you own a rental home in Gwinnett or not, I encourage you to read the rest of this and get involved.  If this is permitted in Gwinnett it could be implemented where you own property next.

For the owners of rental homes the key provisions include that any time your property is vacant for more than 60 days you need to purchase a Vacant Property Permit from the County for $100.00 AND you have to submit a Vacant Structure Maintenance Plan.  This plan has many detailed requirements as covered on pages 13 – 15 of the attached document.  If you violate this new ordinance then Gwinnett County can fine you from $250 – $1000 PER DAY!!

Click here to view current Property Maintenance Ordinance.
Click here to view proposed changes.

The Gwinnett Commissioners plan to vote on this new ordinance on March 15th.  Before then I encourage you to contact the Commissioners and let them know your feelings on this proposal.  They are listed below:

District 1 Commissioner: Shirley Lasseter
(R); 2012

District 2 Commissioner: Lynette Howard 
(R); 2014

District 3 Commissioner: Mike Beaudreau
(R); 2012

District 4 Commissioner: John Heard
(R); 2014

Article Written By: Mike Nelson, Broker/President of Excalibur Home Management
Blog Post by John Durham, Marketing/Communications Director

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