6 Tips for Getting Your Property Rent-Ready

6 Tips for Getting Your Property Rent-Ready


In order to get your property ready to rent, there are a few steps to follow to make your rental property stand out above the rest. This assures your property will sit empty for a short amount of time and continually attract great renters. Let’s look at the six tips for getting your property rent-ready.

Neutral Paint

6 Tips for Getting Your Property Rent-ReadyWhen preparing to rent out a property, the walls need fresh paint, preferably in neutral colors. You can’t predict what colors your renters will enjoy, so neutrals, such as, grays, blues, and browns work well. Neutral colors allow renters to easily add their own touches throughout the home, so it feels like their own space.

Beautiful Floors

If there is any carpet in the rental, make sure it’s clean and looking like new. If hardwoods are pretty banged up, have them sanded and refinished. Take care of cracked tiles and damaged vinyl flooring as well.

Repair and Service

Check on all of the appliances and make sure they’re working well. If they need repairs, make sure they are fixed. If appliances are on their last leg, it’s worth replacing them. Check lightbulbs and change when burnt out. Make sure all of the locks work, and check faucets to make sure they aren’t leaking.

HVAC systems need servicing to ensure they are clean and running well for the new tenants. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors should be tested and have fresh batteries.

Rekey the Locks

If the unit was previously rented, rekeying brings assurance to the new renters that their safety is important to you. Take the time to rekey each lock and let the new renters know you did.

Stage the Home

As you search for new renters and they come to see the property, make a great first impression by staging the home. Staging is simple and doesn’t require much. All you need is some neutral-colored furniture so renters can picture the home as more than just walls. A vase with flowers here and there, a lovely set table, and some tasteful artwork on the walls are what’s needed for staging.

Advertise the Property

An important part of getting your property rent-ready is doing some advertising, as that’s the best way to find renters. Let local realtors know your property is available. Advertise on social media and renting websites.

Following the steps we covered is your best bet for getting your property rented. It’s worth a little extra time so renting happens quickly.

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