How to Use Social Media to Market Your Real Estate Business

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Real Estate Business

Matt Nelson
Matt Nelson

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Real Estate Business

It’s almost impossible for a business today to market their services without using social media. The majority of social media users check their profiles daily, so these platforms offer the best places to grab their attention. While paid ads technically get our posts seen, it still has to include engaging content to catch someone’s eye. We provide helpful tips on how to market your real estate business using social media.

1. Interact With Followers

It’s important to interact with your followers to keep them engaged and remind them that you aren’t simply a robot spitting out information. Respond to any comments or questions you may get. This will encourage your follows to keep liking and commenting on your posts.

2. Always Use Images

We’re far more likely to pause our scrolling to look at a picture than we would to read a block of text. You want to first attract users with an image, and that image should inspire them to read the caption. Real estate is also a visual business, so you want followers to see what you have to offer.

3. Use Local Hashtags

Hashtags provide a great way to draw more people to your posts, and they help you show up in people’s recommended tabs. You want to keep a local focus when it comes to real estate, as it won’t do you much good to catch the attention of someone that lives hours away. Less people may see local hashtags, but they will ultimately be the right people you want to find you.

4. Follow the 80/20 Rule

While you want your followers to ultimately patronize you, many social media users don’t respond to a feed that’s constantly clogged with posts trying to sell them something. Many marketing experts recommend you only make 20% of social media post advertisements—in a real estate agent’s case, these would come in the form of listings. The rest of your posts could include decorating ideas, maintenance tips, or user spotlights.

5. Have Polls

Polls encourage your followers to interact with your content. The only effort it takes on their part is a single click of a button. Polls will also give you an idea of what your followers want to see from you, which will in turn encourage them to continue to check in with your content.

6. Highlight Reviews

Make sure your followers know about your success stories. Share pictures of your happy customers in their new home, and draw attention to any positive reviews. The visual confirmation of a success story may encourage prospective homebuyers to seek out your services.

7. Set Aside Time

It’s important you set aside enough time to keep up with your social media accounts, as consistency sells. If other aspects of your business take up too much of your time, consider outsourcing to a property management company in your area. For Cumming home property management services, contact Excalibur Homes today.

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