How to winterize your home - Atlanta Property Management

How to winterize your home – Atlanta Property Management

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson

Despite being a southern state, Georgia is prone to extreme winter weather. Last year’s winter snap caused headaches for many; houses that were not properly winterized contributed to the frustrated pool of Georgia citizens.

If you are a landlord there are some tips that are important to know in regard to winter proofing your home. Heeding these steps will ensure your property can remain safe while unoccupied and save money from costly repairs.

  • Turn off the water to the home. Be sure to locate the main water valve―or breaker to the pump system for a well supply―to do this.
  • Turn off and drain water heater once water has been shut-off. Make sure temperature controls are set to the “off” position, gas valve must be closed. Electric water heaters require shut-off at the breaker. Remember to open the faucet/spigot for air flow to happen as water drains.
  • Water must be drained from supply lines, if water is present there it risks freezing. Leave fixture shut-off valves open.
  • Make sure all devices hooked to the water system (appliances, toilets, etc.) have been properly drained and/or disconnected.  Electrical breakers should be shut-off during this winterization period as well.
  • Check heating systems (i.e.-high-efficiency furnaces) that may utilize/produce water.
  • Set heating system to minimum setting and post “winterization” signs in home.
  • If the home possesses a very elaborate water/electrical/heating system, please seek professional plumbing/HVAC assistance in winterizing your home.

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