Metro Atlanta Single-Family Rental Home Statistics for 2011

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson

It is that time again!!! Time to review “Asking Rents” and ” Days on the Market” statistics for Metro Atlanta and surrounding cities for the first part of 2011. We will compare these statistics to 2010 over the next few weeks. So looking at Metro Atlanta within a 50 mile radius here are the stats:

Metro Atlanta Asking Rent: Jan- May 2010

As you can see the average “Asking Rent” for 3-4 bedroom houses in Metro Atlanta has increased from $1086 in January 2010 and $1140 in May 2010 TO $1117 in January 2011 and $1146 in May 2011.

Metro Atlanta Asking Rent: Jan-May 2011

Looking at the ”Average Days on Market” below we can see that the number of days has decreased dramatically from 166 in January 2010 and 146 in May 2010 to approximately 112 in January 2011 and 62  in May 2011.

“Days on the Market” in Metro Atlanta: Jan-May 2010

As you can see the number of days on the market in Metro Atlanta is well under the national average thus showing us that the Metro Atlanta area is a great rental market for landlords and investors.

“Days on the Market” in Metro Atlanta: Jan-May 2011

The statistical information was provided by  Rental Home Professionals provides a comprehensive database of available rental properties and property managers throughout the United States offered by members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers for the benefit of Renters, Landlords, and Property Managers.
Blog post by John Durham, Communications/Marketing Director with Excalibur Home Management, LLC.

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