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We offer three management options:
  • Full Service
  • Lease Only
  • Manage Only

Full Service

Excalibur Homes is your number one property management company in Pendergrass, GA; we offer a full suite of management services for every need. We tailor our expert services to each individual client by offering a personalized management experience you can enjoy and trust. Our full-service property management services will make your life easier and your landlord experience less stressful. Vast industry knowledge and experience have enabled us to deliver the best customer experience and rental management services in and around Pendergrass, GA. We can handle various tasks, as well as make recommendations and provide ongoing support according to best management practices.

We understand how important your investment is and the challenges associated with its effective management. Our trusted experts are available around the clock to handle any issues, answer questions, and ensure your rental’s successful management, so you can sit back and relax. Our landlord services will make your life easier by handling the unpleasant responsibilities you don’t want to deal with.

Our Pendergrass property management services deliver the ultimate experience for both landlords and tenants—you can trust us to blow your expectations out of the water. Our vast range of services includes 24/7 emergency support, necessary maintenance and repair support, scheduling tours, collecting rent, quickly resolving onsite issue, and more. We offer the convenience and flexibility needed for a successful management experience.  Our services are customized to fit your individual needs and requirements, so you can trust that your property is in good hands. Along with full property management, Excalibur Homes can quickly list and lease your property at the best price on the market. We provide eviction assistance, collect late payments, and much more.

Let our professional managers take the stress out of managing your property and offer you peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our property management in Pendergrass, GA!

Lease Only

Our property management company in Pendergrass, GA, offers customizable plans. If you are only concerned about finding tenants, go with our Lease Only option. This includes:

  • Taking applications from interested renters
  • Performing proper background checks
  • Giving tours to potential renters
  • Advertising the properties
  • Acquiring security deposits and the first month’s rent
  • Handling the leasing documents
  • Performing pre-move-in inspections
  • Forwarding all items to you

Manage Only

If your main concern is managing the current tenants then go with our Manage Only options, which includes:

  • Serving eviction notices
  • Collecting rent
  • Scheduling repairs

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Affordable "Performance Based" Fee Structure

We offer different fee structures from which you can choose with management fees as low as 4%. Our fees are based on performance. The more income we generate for you the better we are compensated. If you are not getting paid then we are not getting paid either.

Direct Deposit/Automatic Debiting

At your option we can send your net rental income by check or “direct deposit” it into your bank account. Tenant’s can also make payments electronically and automatically.

Fully Insured

General Liability ($2,000.000.00) | Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) ($2,000,000) | Worker Compensation If your property manager makes a mistake that costs you a lot of money, does that manager have the capability of reimbursing you? The court may give you a “judgment” against your manager but what would keep the manager from declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying the claim? Most of our competitors do not carry Errors & Omissions insurance. Our insurance policy offers up to $2,000,000.00 of protection. Every person that performs work on a property managed by Excalibur is required to be covered by worker’s compensation insurance. In this way if someone were to get injured on the property it doesn’t become a “liability” claim subject to “pain & suffering” and so many other issues which can become costly.

Detailed background checks on Applicants

We get a copy of their credit report with their credit scores, we check for eviction filings against the applicant, we verify their landlord and employment references, and confirm that they are not listed as a registered sex offender. We’ll make a recommendation on whether to approve, deny, or conditionally approve an applicant with a higher deposit. Based on our recommendation, you’ll have final say as to whether or not they’re approved.

Available 24 Hours to handle emergencies

Excalibur’s property managers and maintenance contractors are on an “on-call” rotation to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.

Full Service Office open Monday - Friday

Our office is staffed from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday thru Friday which makes it easy for you or your tenant to reach a live person for assistance. Plus many tasks and requests can be handled thru our web site and by email, both of which are available 24/7.

Detailed Monthly Reporting & Annual Summaries

We provide a detailed accounting of all income and expenses monthly. We also provide a yearend summary with your Form 1099 to help with your tax return. We can print and mail your statements or we can email it to you, at your option.

Effective Marketing and Leasing Program

Our Leasing Manager supervises a staff of Market Specialists who specialize in promoting properties currently available for rent to better coordinate all advertising and showing efforts. This includes extensive promotion on several national websites plus our own web site with property descriptions and digital photos. We have several leasing agents which make it possible to show your property at almost any time. The internet enables prospective tenants to find out all about your property, including directions to drive by, 24 hours a day. They can choose to have an agent call to set up a showing appointment and the agent on call is paged by the system.

Maintenance Made Easy

We maintain relationships with several contractors that provide us with priority handling and often charge us at discounted rates due to the amount of business we represent. This enables us to get repair work done more quickly from vendors that will stand behind their work.

Pendergrass Property Management  

Our goal is to help you maximize your return on investment. We will put our full experience and knowledge behind your property to increase its ROI. As an Atlanta real estate investor, you’ll want the help of our rental property management company to increase your ROI while decreasing the time you need to invest. So when you are ready to choose a real estate company to help you invest in rental houses, choose the leader. Choose Atlanta’s Rental Home Experts.

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