Spring is TERMITE season!

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson
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Here in the Southeast, termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare.    Termite “swarming season” is upon us.  This usually occurs the first few warm days between March – May.  The flying termites are actually male and female reproductive termites that are mating and creating new colonies.  Once mated, the queens quickly move into the ground and begin laying eggs.  Thus a new colony is formed.  If you are seeing swarms around or in your home then that is a pretty good sign you have a termite infestation.

There are 3 basic ways to treat termites: baiting system, liquid treatment with nonrepellents, and liquid treatment with repellents.  The baiting system is installed around your home and monitored quarterly.  Average cost of the baiting system ranges from $250-$700 depending on the size of the home and cost for the quarterly inspection ranges from $65-$125.  Typically, a liquid treatment can cost anywhere between $4-$10 per exterior linear foot of the home.  Treatments should come with a 5-7 year guarantee with annual inspections (cost is usually around $100-$150).  A termite treatment usually comes with one of two types of guarantees, a retreatment only or retreatment/repair guarantee.

Of course, just because you don’t have active termites in your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be worried.  Termites can strike at anytime, especially here in Georgia, so the best offense against termites is a good defense.  Have your home inspected for termites annually to prevent infestations and major damage.

Here is a video that explains a little more about termites:

YouTube Video

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