The Importance of Staging When Selling Your Home

The Importance of Staging When Selling Your Home


The Importance of Staging When Selling Your Home

Though their reasons for selling may vary widely, most home sellers share a similar goal—sell it fast. Even when a quick sale is necessary, take the time to appreciate the importance of staging when selling your home.

What Is Staging?

In addition to making sure your home is spotless and that most personal items have been stored away, staging is a deliberate effort to present your home in the best way possible. Staging maximizes the positive aspects of your house while minimizing any negatives. When staging a home, furniture, artwork, and décor may be removed and replaced in an effort to give prospective buyers the chance to envision the home as their own.

Elements of Staging

Staging a home is a form of interior design involving lighting, color, and furnishings. The idea of staging is to give prospective buyers a good look at the home in a way that allows them to really see the space. That means getting rid of clutter and oversized furnishings that take up too much space.

A well-staged home looks roomy, and each room in it has a clear purpose. Perhaps you’ve been using the dining room as an office. When prospective buyers come to look, though, they want to see each room clearly for its potential purpose. Clutter can give buyers the idea that the house doesn’t have enough storage space. After all, if there was a place to put all that stuff, then it wouldn’t be sitting out in plain view.

The age of online shopping has come to real estate and the importance of staging for the camera is now undeniable for many home sellers. The interior must look great on a virtual tour when viewed on a laptop. This makes lighting all the more important, along with the selection of colors and window treatments; these factors ensure that those looking online are getting a favorable impression of the home.

Staging Boosts a Home’s Selling Price

When a home is properly staged, it will sell near or over the asking price. Buyers will pay up because the home looks move-in ready and they won’t have to hold back to budget for painting and repairs. Houses that have been professionally staged are memorable for their most attractive features, like big windows, arched doorways, or high ceilings.

It’s Not Personal

From the moment you decide to sell your home, it’s no longer all yours. You’ll have prospective buyers trooping through—or looking online—who want to see the home as theirs. They also want to imagine how easy it will be to move right in and start living there. When a stager advises a home seller to store their favorite, worn recliner or take their child’s artwork off the walls, they’re trying to help the seller get quick and maybe even multiple competing offers on the home. When the “For Sale” sign goes up, start thinking about your next house; after all, if it’s staged well, your old house won’t be yours much longer.

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