Tips for Welcoming a Tenant To Your Rental Property

Tips for Welcoming a Tenant To Your Rental Property


Tips for Welcoming a Tenant To Your Rental Property

Whether the rental property is multi-family or single-family, tenants need to feel welcome and at home. A good experience for them from the beginning will increase chances of them possibly extending the lease when the time comes. Use these tips for welcoming a tenant to your rental property to get a few ideas to let them know they can call the house their home.

Meet the Neighbors

Introducing new tenants to neighbors in the house next door or the apartment right across from them gets everyone off on the right foot. Once they’ve all met and there’s an instant comfort level, they know they can call on that neighbor if they need them.

To make introductions go smoothly, make sure you’re always getting to know all of your tenants if possible. This will make meet-and-greets more comfortable.

Welcome Baskets

A unique tip for welcoming a tenant to your rental property is to leave a basket of goodies on the kitchen counter for their arrival. This special gesture lets them know you’re a landlord who goes the extra mile.

Welcome baskets can be large or small and there are some great companies out there that can make them for you regularly.

Such companies usually include some info about the town in the welcome basket, such as nearby restaurants and other establishments. They could also include items from the local bakery or confectionary. Anything that makes your tenants thankful they chose your property is great.

A Clean Home

Of course, the rental property should always be thoroughly cleaned between tenants. Be sure to double check it shortly before your tenants move in or ask your tenant rental services to do so.

Moving into a rental they have to immediately clean themselves will make tenants feel unwelcomed and leave them wondering what other problems will arise.

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