Compelling Reasons Why You Should Move to Atlanta

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Move to Atlanta

Matt Nelson
Matt Nelson

Compelling Reasons why You Should Move to Atlanta

Every year, more people are catching on to the irresistible appeal of Georgia. In 2018 alone, over 10,000 people moved to the state. As the population continues to grow, more people are learning that Atlanta isn’t only a place to be, but the place to be. There are a host of reasons to live in Atlanta, so it was difficult for us to choose only a few. Nevertheless, we listed some of our picks for the top reasons that you should move to Atlanta.

The Cost of Living

Out of the top five biggest cities in the U.S., Atlanta is the least expensive, with a median home value of $216,100. If this comes as a shock to you, that’s because it is. The quality of living may cause one to suspect a higher price, but Atlanta hits the mark in terms of affordability. This leaves residents with some extra cash to enjoy the other major attractions the city has to offer.

The Culture

Atlanta has something for everyone. The art scene is booming, offering everything from beautiful street murals to an ever-evolving music scene. It also features an impressive array of museums, enough to keep any inquisitive mind busy. You can also find a collection of conventions hosted by local hotels. Plus, as you may have heard time and time again, the food scene offers an endless array of delectable options.

The Weather

People commonly laud Atlanta for having ideal weather conditions. The city boasts all four seasons, however, the weather is never too extreme. Winters tend to be mild, whereas summers are never so harsh that you can’t enjoy the outdoors.

The Schools

Atlanta has a large range of schools with high ratings and an excellent opportunity for a well-rounded education. From kindergarten to college, children and young adults receive first-rate schooling.

The Hospitals

There are seven hospitals in Georgia that rank amongst the best in the world—two of these reside in Atlanta. If you have ongoing health concerns, or simply demand access to the best healthcare, you can find the quality help you need in this city.

The Community

This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when deciding on your future home. It’s the people around you that will play the ultimate role in influencing the quality of your life. Atlanta is home to people of every age and race, and all interests and curiosities. In this city, you’re sure to find and maintain bonds that will last a lifetime.

The Investment Opportunities

With the affordability of homes in Atlanta, there are various real estate investment opportunities. Those who choose to move to the city will have no problem creating a thriving real estate business—there are a host of homes and tenants waiting for your expertise. Once you become an exceptional property owner, chances are you’ll need the best rental property management in Atlanta. Contact Excalibur Homes to learn how we can be of assistance.

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