Excalibur Property Services - Spring Special!!

Excalibur Property Services – Spring Special!!

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson

Spring is the time of year when things that previously went unnoticed during the cold season suddenly (& desperately!) need attention. To that end, we’ve developed a program to address the most frequent home maintenance issues that arise as Spring begins.
Excalibur Property Service’s goal is to save you money!
Our package will address the following issues:
  • Pressure wash exterior of house, deck, and patio.
  • Professional roof inspection
  • Detailed home inspection report listing any deficiencies.
  • Inspection and tune-up of the Air Conditioning system. Includes:
    • Filter change. Testing of: thermostats, ignition, valving, motor, burners, pilots, refrigerant charge, and CO testing.

*Total value of these services, if applied individually, equals $850.

If scheduled by April 15th, 2014, our Spring Special will include all inspections and services listed above for ONLY $495! 
To schedule your Spring Special, contact your property manager today! Or, email [email protected]

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