How to Ask Your Renters To Leave Positive Reviews

How to Ask Your Renters To Leave Positive Reviews


How to Ask Your Renters To Leave Positive Reviews

How to Ask Your Renters to Leave Positive Reviews

The best way to get tenants to leave positive reviews is to be a good landlord. Providing excellent, responsive service, attending to complaints and requests for repairs promptly, and maintaining clean, safe properties will generate the positive feelings landlords hope their renters will channel into good renter reviews.

Unfortunately, it’s more likely for a tenant who is upset or who feels badly treated to seek out a landlord review site online and vent than it is for a satisfied, happy renter to do so—and that means landlords have to ask for reviews.

Make it Easy

Create or update profiles on landlord review sites such as Yelp or Google and your property’s Facebook page. Although disgruntled renters will find a way to leave critical comments anyway, happy tenants might need a little nudge. Tell them about your review sites and email links to your webpage, where they should find helpful information, including any upcoming events in the neighborhood, scheduled maintenance, and new availability. Your web pages should have a place to leave a rental property review or write a testimonial, along with links to your review site profiles.

Don’t Let Fear of Negative Comments Stop You

Bad reviews are a fact of life, and people who rely on reviews understand that. View poor reviews as opportunities to demonstrate your professionalism. Thank your reviewer for sharing their feedback, address their concern, gently correct any factual errors, and reaffirm your commitment to providing excellent service to your renters. Then let it go and rely on the volume of good reviews you’ve earned to overwhelm the occasional one star.

It Won’t Happen if You Don’t Ask

You’ve made it possible and easy for your renters to leave positive reviews. Now, you must ask them to do it. Then, remind them. It’s best to ask in person at a good time, such as when your renter is thanking you for attending to their concern promptly or telling you how your rental property exceeded their expectations. That’s the time to ask renters to leave positive reviews. If they say they will, send a follow-up email with links to where they can offer their positive opinion. If they seem hesitant, ask if you can use their compliment as a testimonial on your own website.

If you can’t ask in person, use your other regular methods of communication to ask renters for reviews. Add the request to a regular email blast, with a link to sites where tenants can leave their comments. Put the request in a box in your newsletter, or make a button on your webpage that prompts a review.

Property Managers Know the Importance of Reviews

Renter reviews are based on the services and responses they receive from whoever is the designated contact for their questions and concerns: that will either be the landlord or the landlord’s property management company. Excalibur Homes provides services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, including Decatur property management, Alpharetta, and Suwanee property management. With over 2,000 rental homes under management and decades of experience, Excalibur will earn positive home rental company reviews from your renters.

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