How To Choose a Home Inspector for Your Rental Property

How To Choose a Home Inspector for Your Rental Property

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How To Choose a Home Inspector for Your Rental Property

After choosing a rental property, it’s essential to have a home inspection done before purchasing the home. Your future renters are counting on a safe environment when they move in. It’s best to find out all you can about the home and make any necessary repairs so you don’t have to worry about future problems. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose a home inspector for your rental property and why it’s so important.

Do You Need a Home Inspector?

Many real estate investors know the home industry well and may feel they can inspect their property on their own. This isn’t recommended unless you have a home inspecting license.

When using a home inspector, you are protected from accusations claiming a home wasn’t inspected properly. The home inspector is trained and licensed to know everything to look for and how to handle each situation.

There’s a good chance they’ll find something the property owner might miss. During the inspection, the home inspector checks everything and creates a full inspection report, making it easy to see what needs fixing and if the property is worth your investment.

Make Your List

Make a list of everything you want checked when choosing a home inspector for your rental property. The following are important areas to have a home inspector look at:

  • Do appliances work?
  • Is flooring intact?
  • Do windows open properly?
  • Are the deck and stairs well-maintained?
  • Does every electrical outlet work?
  • Are the drainage and sewage systems clean and unclogged?
  • Is the roof in need of repair?
  • Has the HVAC system been serviced regularly?
  • How’s the chimney?
  • How’s the foundation?

You may have other items you’d like to add as well.

The Interview

A good home inspector is willing to sit through an interview as you search for the right inspector for the job. Ask the following questions when interviewing a home inspector:

  • How long do their inspections take?
  • Do they belong to a home inspecting organization?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Do they have positive reviews and references?
  • Should you be present during the inspection?

These questions spark conversation and help you and the inspector get to know each other and understand expectations.

As you prepare to invest in rental property, make a home inspector a part of your team. Their knowledge and ability to find any issue brings peace of mind and covers you as a property owner. It’s also wise to consider a property manager as a part of your team to deal with these extra time-consuming tasks, such as a home inspection.

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