How To Save on Energy Costs for Your Investment Properties

How To Save on Energy Costs for Your Investment Properties


How To Save on Energy Costs for Your Investment Properties

Whether you are already managing a property, multiple properties, or just considering the idea, learning how to save on energy costs for your investment properties will benefit you immediately and in the long run.

Ask Renters To Assist

As a property owner, you are responsible for your building. It is okay, however, to ask renters living in the building to help out a little with energy savings. Good renters, along with a landlord they trust, will have no problem helping out.

Ask renters to be thoughtful when doing laundry by washing full loads instead of one thing at a time. Additionally, unplugging when not in use small appliances like toasters and blenders can also be helpful. Remind them to kindly turn lights off when not using a room as well. These small things are not a lot to ask and are helpful when saving on energy costs for your investment properties.

Maintain HVAC Systems

Being prepared ahead of time with well-maintained HVAC systems will save on costs, as it cuts down on emergency repairs. A smooth-running system will use less energy to run.

In Georgia, our winters are mild and the summers are a scorcher. However, we still need heat when it’s cold out, and the middle of summer is no time to lose A/C. As such, you’ll want to have a regular maintenance schedule to keep the HVAC running smoothly.

Drafty Doors and Windows

Although we don’t experience a lot of freezing weather, it does get cold enough in the winter to allow unwanted chilly drafts into the home. And in the warmer months, those air pockets are allowing the cold air from the A/C to escape—that is not energy efficient.

In between renters, check doors and windows for leaks and repair them to cut down on energy costs.

Change the Thermostat

If you have not installed programmable thermostats in your properties, do so now. A thermostat that can be programmed helps put a stop to the constant up and down which can happen as different renters come and go. You can work together with renters in coming up with a comfortable and agreeable setting. You can also ask them to let you know if they will be going anywhere, such as on a vacation, so you can adjust the system as needed.

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