Routine vs. Emergency Maintenance Issues

Routine vs. Emergency Maintenance Issues


Routine vs. Emergency Maintenance Issues

A rental property needs to be well-maintained to maintain tenants. It is important to be clear from the beginning to ensure everyone is on the same page about routine versus emergency maintenance issues. Sometimes, a call in the middle of the night for an emergency repair is warranted, and other times, the call should wait until the morning.

Emergency Maintenance

There is no avoiding it—if you own property, something is eventually going to wear out or break. And sometimes, it is something that can’t wait to be repaired.

HVAC System

Whether it’s 90 degrees in the heat of summer or below freezing in the winter, there are times when a broken HVAC system can’t wait for a convenient opening in your schedule. Heat exhaustion or being uncomfortably cold in a home is unacceptable, and your tenants will appreciate your quick attention to make repairs.

A Broken Lock

Security is important to everyone, and the renters at your property most likely chose to live there because they felt safe. The last thing they need is a sleepless night knowing that they can’t lock their door.

When a tenant calls with a lock issue, get to it as soon as possible.

Plumbing Issues

When it comes to routine versus emergency maintenance issues, nothing can escalate from simple to complicated quite like plumbing.

A small water stain that is beginning to show on the ceiling directly below an upstairs bathroom can soon become a giant water stain and a big mess. It is best to handle plumbing issues immediately.

Routine Maintenance

Unlike emergency repairs, routine or non-emergency maintenance happens more regularly. But thankfully, it is usually less costly and can wait a day or two.

Leaky Faucet

An annoying kitchen faucet that drips is a nuisance and a waste of water, so you will want to repair it as soon as possible. However, it is nothing that needs to be moved to the top of the maintenance list.

Broken Appliance

We all love our dishwashers and washing machines, so it is understandable that a tenant will want theirs fixed promptly once it stops working. A wise landlord will get to these repairs quickly, but it truly is not an emergency as long as the tenant has running water and a sink or a laundromat close by.

A broken refrigerator is a different story, however, as the food inside can spoil quickly.

Burnt Out Light

Replacing a burnt out lightbulb or repairing a light fixture that no longer works is certainly not a top-priority maintenance task, especially if there are emergency maintenance repairs on the list as well.

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