The Pros and Cons of Allowing Pets into Your Rental Property


The Pros and Cons of Allowing Pets into Your Rental Property

There are a lot of things to consider when renting out your property. Among these are the various amenities that you will provide your tenants. Considering the number of families in the U.S. that have pets, this is oftentimes one of the first conveniences they’ll look for. When scanning pages of potential properties, they’re keeping an eye out for that pet tag.

The question landlords have is whether or not they should allow these pets onto their property. As with any other scenario, some pros and cons surface when considering this question. So, to have pets or not to have pets? Below we examine the different factors you should contemplate.

Pro: Allowing tenants to bring their pets increases the number of applications that you may receive for a property. As stated above, many tenants find themselves stuck with a meager property selection when little Fido is moving with them. Allowing pets will set you at the top of their prospect list.

Con: Although many people are animal lovers, there’s a chance that your tenant’s pets may irritate their neighbors in some fashion. Some dogs are more talkative than others, and the neighbors may not appreciate early morning or late-night barking.

Pro: Living in an area where their pet is welcome may encourage tenants to renew their lease. They likely won’t want to worry about finding another place that allows animals, and your pet policy may endear the tenant to you.

Con: Pets oftentimes bring a substantial amount of love, as well as an unpleasant odor. Litter boxes or inevitable accidents can stink up the flooring, and it will oftentimes congregate in one spot. However, if your tenant is mindful of cleaning up after their pet, this won’t be as much of a problem.

Pro: When you allow pets and set a deposit for them upfront, you don’t have to worry about your tenants sneaking any in. Unfortunately, some people will bring their pets regardless of whether or not they’re technically allowed. Making provisions and collecting a deposit ahead of time prevents the need for future costs on your end.

Con: There is always the risk of animals causing damage. Whether it be through accidents or scratching, the home may retain some damage as a result of pets. Having a pet deposit can help bypass this risk, but it still stands.

When deciding whether or not to allow pets onto your property, be sure to look into your local laws. You’ll want to be aware of factors such as provisions that you’ll need to make for individuals with support animals. At Excalibur Homes, we’re happy to help you navigate all the steps of Atlanta rental home management. If you have any questions, contact us and speak to one of our experts today.

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