Tips for Selling Your Home Faster


Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

The longer a house is on the market, the more time the seller must spend cleaning, maintaining, and showing the home. In a seller’s market, property owners strive to market a home that draws multiple competitive bids and sells quickly. No matter how many times a real estate investor or homeowner has been through a home sale, it never hurts to keep these tips for selling your home faster in mind.

Clean, Bright, and Neutral

The age-old advice about home selling still holds true. The home should be spotless, freshly painted in neutral tones, and filled with as much light as possible. Remove personal items and de-clutter the house. Clean every nook and cranny, because buyers will open all the closet doors and peek under the furniture. Mow the lawn, paint the shutters, clean the gutters, and refresh the flowerbeds. Add a new mailbox and updated house numbers. Buyers want a “move-in ready” house. If that means replacing the roof, so be it. Make essential repairs, but major additions aren’t necessary as long as the home is ready for immediate occupancy.

Price it Right

Experts agree that the top tip for selling your home faster is appropriate pricing. Even when supply is tight, the right price will attract offers. Don’t set the asking price too high. However, this doesn’t mean accepting the first offer, and it certainly doesn’t require accepting a lowball offer. Just know that buyers are savvy and know how to review comps and arrive at a reasonable offer. A well-priced, attractive home will garner multiple competitive offers in a seller’s market.

Stage it Well

Less is more with home staging. Buyers want to envision their own style and furnishings superimposed on your neutral, minimized space. Go for spaciousness, not sterility. Set the dining table, add fresh flowers before each showing, and emphasize curb appeal and entryways. Buyers sometimes make a decision before they get past the front foyer.

Involve Professionals

A fast sale may depend on the extensive network and experience of professionals. Invest in professional photography and create a high-quality virtual home tour for online listings. Enlist the home selling services of a local real estate agent who knows the market and which demographic will find your property most attractive. The agent or broker can assist with staging, photos, videos, and marketing the home. Paying the commission is worth it if your goal is a fast sale with competitive bids.

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