Winterizing Your Investment Property

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson

It is time to start preparing for freezing temperatures and Excalibur recommends having your property professionally winterized if it is vacant and not yet on the market. Here is a list of items that should be addressed:

– Drain all water supply lines and water heater

– Put antifreeze (usually a RV type antifreeze) in drains and toilets

– Inspect roof and gutters to make sure they are in good repair and clean

If at all possible, the heat should be left on set at no less than 55 degrees. While this will no doubt have a small cost associated with it; it is nothing compared to the cost of a repair due to damage resulting from frozen pipes, etc… It is also a good idea to insulate any exposed pipes including water lines and hose bibs, as well as, the hot water heater.

For properties that are vacant and on the market for rent it is best to have the heat on and water on. It will market better to prospective buyers and tenants if they are focused on the property as opposed to how cold it is inside. It will also be necessary to have the water on to clean the property and inevitably someone will need to use the bathroom from time to time during showings. In these situations, the heat will be on at a minimum (55 degrees) to protect against freezing pipes and to keep the property in showable condition. Please contact your property manager for more information about having your property winterized today. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Blog Post by John Durham, Marketing Director with Excalibur Home Management
Excalibur is an Atlanta Property Management company

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