Traits Tenants Look for in a Landlord

Traits Tenants Look for in a Landlord


Traits Tenants Look for in a Landlord

Traits Tenants Look for in a Landlord

Rental property owners understand the value and necessity of thoroughly screening and selecting tenants. It would be a mistake, however, for those landlords to neglect to consider how tenants select their landlord. Investment property owners should think about the traits tenants look for in a landlord.


The proliferation of online review sites means that tenants may check on a landlord’s reputation first by reading and considering opinions posted by current and past tenants. Prospective tenants will check poorly reviewed landlords and their properties off their list, regardless of amenities and price. Landlords should monitor online reviews and ask satisfied tenants to leave positive reviews.

Trustworthiness and Transparency

When a prospective tenant hands over a security deposit, they need to feel confident it will be appropriately handled and returned to them in full if they move out. Landlords should be upfront about how they hold security deposits and under what conditions they would keep a portion of the deposit.

Nothing will solidify a tenant’s determination not to renew a lease more than unpleasant surprises about the property’s condition, noise level, or pest problems. Landlords should tell tenants about ongoing issues and what steps they are taking to address those issues.

Responsiveness and Communication

Tenants want landlords to respond to requests for maintenance promptly, even it is only to say that non-emergencies will have to wait a while. A landlord’s reputation often rests on how communicative they are and how easily tenants can communicate with them. If a tenant feels like calling or emailing their landlord is akin to tossing their message into a black hole, they’ll start packing and be out the door the day their lease expires.

Professionalism and Respect

Tenants appreciate a landlord who maintains a professional demeanor and treats them with respect. The stereotype of the nosy landlord came from somewhere and someone, so don’t be that person. Sticking your nose into tenants’ business is unprofessional. Hanging around and asking about a tenant’s friends and relationships is creepy as well.

Flexibility and Fairness

Everyone hits a rough patch occasionally. Good landlords demonstrate flexibility and good faith in working with tenants who need temporary accommodation. However, the goodwill a landlord builds with one tenant will vanish with another if there is any perception of favoritism. Landlords should be flexible within reason, but also fair and firm in enforcing policies and collecting rent on time.

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